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In the Midst of a Bomb Cyclone

In the Midst of a Bomb Cyclone

by on March 21, 2019

Every now and then a new word or phrase gets added to my vocabulary. Last week, the word was “Bomb Cyclone”. I appreciated several of your FB posts of spending Spring Break vacationing in the mountains—bomb cyclone or not!
I learned that a bomb cyclone is a weather phenomenon that has hurricane-force winds and heavy precipitation.
Its official name is “bombogenesis” by meteorologists. Scientifically, it refers to a rapidly intensifying area of low pressure. The term bombogenesis comes from the merging of two words: bomb and cyclogenesis. Its major impacts will include strong winds, beach erosion and coastal flooding especially with high tide… In this case, the word “bomb” refers to explosive development.
While the weather term, ‘bombogenesis” or “bomb cyclone might be new to your vocabulary (or you weather people might have known this term for years), I imagine everyone has experienced this in life. Life is being lived in calm waters and then all of the sudden, out of nowhere—a storm in life hits you like an explosion. One day all was right—the next everything was in turmoil. You are living today in the middle of a “bomb cyclone”.
I am reminded of the day the disciples were on the lake and a furious storm came out of nowhere. They were doing what they always do and before you knew it, they were doing all they could to save their lives. And the worst part of it all—when they looked for Jesus, he was taking a nap.
“Quiet! Be still!” Then the wind died down and it was completely calm. (Mark 4:39b)
If you find yourself in the midst of a “bomb cyclone today”—if your life is in the midst of a storm or a trial that seems it’s about to take you under—May you hear the words of your Lord: “Quiet, be still”! I have come to know that even if the winds don’t die down overnight, even if there is not a quick fix to the turmoil and tribulation, there is something that is life-giving knowing that Jesus is in the boat with you… so wherever you might be today, may you hear the words, “Quiet, Be Still!” I am with you.
Grace and Peace,
Pastor Chris

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