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Feasting on Perseverance takes GRIT

Feasting on Perseverance takes GRIT

by Chris Curran on April 11, 2019

This Sunday, Holy Week begins. We will begin to focus our attention on the cross… but before we get to Sunday, I have been feasting on perseverance.
Psychology professor, Angela Duckworth noticed that IQ was not a good yard marker in determining whether a student was successful. She and her team went to West Point Academy, the National Spelling Bee, observing teachers at lower economic schools and students around the country. Her goal was to determine what made a person successful. How do you know if a cadet can stay with the training, where a child will advance in the Spelling Bee, what teachers will not resign, or what students will graduate?

Her conclusions might surprise you. It was not IQ or intelligence. It was not the person who was more talented or gifted. The number one attribute for being successful was the attribute of GRIT. According to Duckworth, Grit is passion and perseverance for long term goals, stamina, sticking with future goals with a day in and day out doggedness.

While I have no scientific data, I like to think that feasting on perseverance takes GRIT. As I read the book of Acts, the apostle Paul had a day in and day out goal to make known the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world in which he lived. The scriptures tell us that Paul was beaten, shipwrecked, constantly in danger and on the move; yet, Paul tells young Timothy I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. I like to think Southland has GRIT, a dogged perseverance to make Christ known, a stamina that won’t stop until everyone in our community has heard the good news of Christ, a growth mindset that the Journey Continues and will not end until Christ returns. Speaking of the Journey Continues campaign, our web page went live on Monday. You can check it out here:

It is great to be a pastor of a church that has Grit. May you continue to feast on Peserverance!

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Chris

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