Wednesday Night

Beginning June 5 - August 10, Southland Baptist will have a Summer Book Study at noon in the Multi-Purpose Building. Pastor Chris Curran will lead the study, reading The Art of Neighboring. Bring your own lunch, tea and water provided.  

All regularly scheduled Wednesday Night Activities resume August 28th.   

Southland Baptist is the place to be every Wednesday Night! Starting with Cafe Southland at 4:45 PM followed by Bible Studies for adults, student and children activities. 

Dinner Menu includes Pizza Hut! Chick-Fil-A! and MORE!

The Spring 2019 menu line-up includes your favorites from some of our local restaurants! Pizza Hut! Chick-Fil-A! and MORE!

Each Wednesday Night, there will be two $2.00/plate options. A fully stocked salad bar with fresh vegetables, toppers and dressings or a PB&J sandwich. The full menus (all shown above) will be offered "per plate" rather than "per person." A $4 plate can be shared by two children or by two adults with small appetites. Salad bar is available with all $4 plates, and a dessert and drink are included with every meal option.

The menu cycle for the 17-week spring semester is shown above. Note that there are 2 Wednesday nights in which a meal will not be served - Spring Break and Holy Week. You can decide which meals you and your family will eat and then go ahead and pay for a week, a month, or for the entire semester.

A $4 plate at each of the 15 Wednesday nights will cost $60 total. A $2 plate at each meal will cost $30. You can mix and match if you choose. There is no family maximum.

 Wednesday-Night Schedule

2:30 PM        Southland Singers             Choir Room
4:45 PM        Cafe Southland                   Multi-Purpose Building
5:30 PM        Children's Choir                 Room 100/103
5:45 PM         Preschool                              Preschool Depot 
 6:00 PM        InsideOut Kids                   Multi-Purpose Building
                            InsideOut Preteens         Room 201
                            Southland Students         The LOFT
                            Adult Electives                    Various Locations
6:15 PM        Orchestra                                Worship Center
7:15 PM        Sanctuary Choir                   Choir Room   

Adult Electives

Prayer Meeting led by Pastor Jill Fulghum                     
Jonah by Priscilla Shirer(Women's Bible Study)led by Christi Christian (Wednesday Night) and Annette Mayer (Tuesday Morning)
A Man and His Story(Men's Bible Study) led by Pastor Chris Curran
Grief Share led by Vanessa King