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Texas Baptist Men's Hurricane Relief

Southland Family,

The Texas Baptist Men (TBM) have expressed their gratitude for the prayers and support given by our church. They sent a crew to serve at Kingsland Baptist Church in Katy, TX after Hurricane Harvey devastated the Houston area. NBC News from Boston was in the area and did a story on what TBM and others were doing in Houston. Below are NBC's news story and a newsletter from TBM about their time serving.

NBC News Video

TBM Newsletter

Join Our Technology Lead Team!

The Vision Committee is looking for people in our Church who feel comfortable navigating and posting on Social Media (including Facebook, Instagram and possibly Twitter). We also need people who understand some about video production (short videos that will be produced primarily for online use or possibly in-Church). If you are interested in serving on a Technology Lead Team, please contact Paul Hamilton at 325-262-1118.

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